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The modernity of the last century imposed itself, for a while, upon the image and appearance of the historical center of Brasov and its main square, Piata Sfatului. We consider it necessary to attempt to recover and evoke symbolic connections with the rich history of the city through sensitive and subtle interventions. These processes are aimed at revealing the naturalness and primordial nature of initial human activities through a fine-tuned adjustment to the current needs of the city and society.

In search of possible answers, our project aims to decipher the history of urban life in the Citadel of Brasov along with that of the Sfatului Square, as transposed through the artifacts that have shaped their space over the centuries. The presented solutions rely on the natural gestures that shape the city and its public spaces, a naturalness that is also found, if partially, in the contemporary needs expressed by the inhabitants of the city. The project strategy also aims to retain in the collective memory of today’s users the symbolic connections with the past and the history of the place.

Studio 82 SRL
arch. Octav Silviu Olănescu
arch. Andrada Pinte 
arch. Petrică Maier-Drăgan

Vlad Sebastian Rusu BIA
arch. Vlad Sebastian Rusu
arch. Maria Cristina Florian
arch. Andra Vlădoiu