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The concept of the project consists in the recovery of existing and missing valuable edifices or landscape areas from various evolving stages of this place.

The first approach is the recovery of the fortified ensemble of the Citadel, a unique presence in the urban structure of the city and still the depositary of its initial values, although strongly altered by the interventions of the 20th century. The solution proposes the removal of all the reversible elements made over the last decades and to highlight the original elements, in order to provide the opportunity to read and perceive this space in a coherent and unitary manner. The entire ensemble is intended to be discovered both through the small scaled bronze models proposed on the alleys and through walking on foot, from the outside or inside of the fortification’s outline. A gesture that qualifies as an act of reclaiming the patrimony is the emphasis on the two historical trails on the southern slope:  the alley of stairs with the bust of Queen Elizabeth of Austria in the West and the “Water alley” in the East. Alongside this gesture, the project aims to activate the existing three gates, as main access points, to which a recovered entrance is added, an edifice on the East side of the fortifications, on Cetății Street, present on the historical plans of the ensemble.

The second approach of the project, consists in the recovery of the southern slope’s landscape after its sanitation, the outcome of the 1960s interventions (eng. Zeno Niculescu and eng. hort. Ana Micu – hill systematization 1961 – arch. Carmen Pavel, arch. Zoltan Balázs – collective housing – 1964), by keeping the essence of the original concept and adapting it to current conditions.

Studio 82 SRL
arch. Octav Silviu Olănescu
arch. Anamaria Olănescu

Vlad Sebastian Rusu BIA
arch. Vlad Sebastian Rusu
arch. Miruna Moldovan
arch. Andra Vlădoiu

landscape eng. Alexandru Cotoz
hort. eng. Valentin Sebastian Dan
eng. Ovidiu Rusu